Arrow’s Colton Haynes on Roy Harper’s Upcoming Powers

pdf Arrows Colton Haynes on Roy Harpers Upcoming Powers

The CW’s Arrow aired the first part of its two-part mid-season finale last week. Tomorrow we’re getting to see the second half. Today I got a chance to chat with Colton Haynes who plays Roy Harper about what’s coming, being shot in the leg by Arrow (Stephen Amell) and some serious Thea (Willa Holland) issues that are on the way. Check out what he had to say below and let us know what you think about the show so far this season.

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Fan Voice: Well, it seems like Roy and Ollie have broken up.

Colton Haynes: Gosh, it’s like a sad — there’s not even like a complication! Well, there was a complication, but I feel like Oliver should have expressed his feelings a little more, you know? [laughs] Before just shooting him in the leg! I mean, that’s a terrible break up. That just destroyed a ‘ship right there. The Roliver-ship just died.

Fan Voice: Ha! Roliver! I love it. Have you seen that online?

Colton Haynes: Yeah, the people on Twitter love to send very, very derogatory thing about the Roliver-ship. I’ve seen some of those. So, thanks for that. [laughs]

Fan Voice: Is there anything you can tease about what’s coming up in the mid-season finale?

Colton Haynes: Yes, I can say this … it’s really fun to see that Roy, in a way, is having to look to Thea every time — obviously Roy wants to work with Arrow and get out and do business, but Roy’s love for Thea has made him kind of scale back in all the action he’s gotten into. You’re going to see Thea take charge and say, you know what? We’re not going stand for this. We’re going to find the vigilante. We’re going to find Arrow. So that’s going to be a really fun thing to see. And also, you’re going to see that Roy is going to be given, against his will, abilities that are going to make him extremely powerful.

Fan Voice: So wait, I know we’re bringing powers into the universe with The Flash, so are we talking powers or “powers?”

Colton Haynes: Well, I wouldn’t say that. I’d say that there … I can’t say super-shooting. I can say, that Roy, like another character in the show that they show in the flashbacks, is going to have power and strength due to an injection.

Fan Voice: I wanted to ask you about your relationship with Thea once she finds out that her father isn’t who she thought he was. Is that going to affect you guys?

Colton Haynes: Yes. In real life and also in TV land, when you throw a curveball like that at a girl who already has daddy issues, you get ready. Get ready for Thea to … well, she’s eventually going to lose her mind. More than she already has throughout two seasons. But it’s going to affect her in a way that is going to make her obviously … her father isn’t exactly a very upstanding citizen. Is she going to rebel and possibly be pitted against who the audience knows is her brother or is she going to use that to help Roy? that’s going to be very interesting.

Fan Voice: Thea once said that Roy will never turn away from someone who needs help. He really wants to do good, but he has issues with Arrow and new powers … will we ever see him go dark?

Colton Haynes: Yes. I think there is. I think you’re also going to see … I think with what’s being presented to Roy, it only heightens his anger. I think Roy’s first instinct is always to do good or love, because that’s how he’s been brought up. So I think you’re going to see … there is going to be a dark side that comes out of Roy due to what happens from what’s given to him from Brother Blood. It’s going to be a hard road for the Arrow to try to tame Roy even more than he already has.

Fan Voice: Everyone on Twitter wants to know the future. Whether or not you’ll wear a costume or become Red Arrow or Arsenal. What would you like to see?

Colton Haynes: I personally … I can’t promise this is the route they’re going to go because Roy could something new that they’ve made up. You never know. But I think it would be fun to take the Arsenal route because of the fact that Roy teased in his first episode in the first season that his mother had gotten involved in drugs and in Vertigo. And it would be interesting to see if Roy is going to weaken and take the same route that his family has taken and go the Arsenal route, which would eventually have him losing his arm. That would probably be a CG nightmare. That would be a fun route, but also, whatever route you choose, it will be incredibly well-written. There will be information from the comic books embedded into the show. Whatever they choose, if they choose anything, and Roy Harper could just end up being Roy Harper, but whatever they choose, it will be cool.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

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