Exclusive Interview: Brooke Hogan on China, IL and Her Career

pdf Exclusive Interview: Brooke Hogan on China, IL and Her Career

Hulkamania lives on in Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan. You met her on the Hogan reality TV show Hogan Knows Best and then on her own show, Brooke Knows Best. Brooke also provides several voices for various characters on the Adult Swim animated series China, IL.

China, IL is a comedy about a school with normal students and crazy teachers, including the dean played by the Hulkster. Brooke plays characters like Jetta, Anne Hong, Debra Bowl, Staci Megan and more. Just in time for the show’s second season finale, we got to speak with Brooke about her career, including her music and wrestling work. Add China, IL to your Fan TV Watchlist to catch up on Brooke’s work.

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Brooke Hogan

Fan Voice: When they offered you China, IL, what did you think when you read this crazy script?

Brooke Hogan: They didn’t offer it actually. I pushed myself in with the sweet gift of nepotism. My dad was actually doing the voice for the cartoon for a while, and he was doing the voice of the dean. I had always wanted to do cartoon voices so when I heard that my dad was doing voices for Adult Swim, I was like, “Dad, you have to tell them that I do voices too!” So he was like, “All right, my daughter wants to do this.” They kind of just let me come into the studio with him just to appease me I think. They said, “All right, you want to try this line?” I don’t know, I guess judging by their reaction, they were all cracking up so they called me back and they brought me in the studio and they just kept asking me if I could do this voice or that voice or, “Hey, can you do an old man? Can you do a high school girl? Can you do a baby?” I ended up doing I think seven or eight voices for them, so it’s been awesome. That’s the long story of how I got into it.

Fan Voice: When you saw the show when you dad was doing it, what did you think of the show?

“I got a concussion the first day I was in wrestling school and I never went back.” – Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan: I couldn’t believe my dad was cursing so much, being the all American Hulk Hogan. We thought it was funny because that’s a totally different side of his talent too. I could tell he made the character his own, not just with the voice but with the personality too. It was funny. You could tell they let him ad lib.

Fan Voice: So to you it didn’t really matter what the show was, you just wanted to get into voicing?

Brooke Hogan: Yeah, I really wanted to start doing voices for a long time. I’ve been wanting to but had no idea how to get into it. It’s hard to actually get into it when you don’t have any track record. This was just a blessing and a half being able to scoot in the backdoor like this, so hopefully I’ll get more voice work from this.

Fan Voice: How have you been practicing different voices?

Brooke Hogan: It normally happens when I’m tipsy. No, you know what, I actually pull the voices from different people that I’m around actually. If I sit down at a restaurant and the waiter comes over and he’s got a squeaky high voice or a nerdy voice or something like that, normally after I’ve had a good laugh I’ll try to impersonate it. It happens just being with friends and imitating people and doing it just to be silly. Then you find out oh, I can do that too.

Fan Voice: Do you ever get to record with your dad?

Brooke Hogan: Oh yeah, there’s been two or three times I think we were in the studio together. I was visiting in Tampa one time, I was visiting him, and they actually had work for both of us to do so we were able to go into the studio together. Then one other time I think. I think the first one liner I did for them I was with my dad, so it’s been about two times.

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First day of school in China, IL

Fan Voice: Who’s been your favorite character to play on China, IL?

Brooke Hogan: Oh gosh, there’s a Vietnamese lady. I don’t know what her name is. Another lady that I love doing, her name is either Paulie or Pony. I can’t differentiate the two. There’s a lady that loves cats. It was I think the fourth episode. It was called “Diamond Castle” and she was the opposite storyline going on in the episode, and she was in love with cats and she had a midwestern accent and she just kept saying the P word the whole time, so that was interesting.

Fan Voice: When you think of the things that make you laugh, does China, IL fit your sense of humor?

Brooke Hogan: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I’m a big I guess indie comedy fan. I love stuff like Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t really get too much into mainstream stuff. Me and my friends have a certain kind of humor that a lot of people don’t get. It’s really that kind of “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you” but it’s one of those things where people could take it the wrong way if they met me off hand and think I was trying to pull crap, but I mean it with the best of intentions.

Fan Voice: What would be your dream voiceover gig?

Brooke Hogan: I would love to do a Disney cartoon, like when Mandy Moore did Tangled.

Fan Voice: As a princess?

Brooke Hogan: Yeah, a Disney Princess, that would be fun. I’m a big fan of The Little Mermaid.

Fan Voice: I’m not sure I see you as the princess type.

Brooke Hogan: No?

Fan Voice: Or I’m surprised you would want to be the princess because I think of you as badass like your dad.

Brooke Hogan: I do like doing badass stuff but I think just the weight that one of those roles carries is great. I’m always doing comedy too so I’d love to do anything with comedy, even if it’s not voices, even if it’s Saturday Night Live or impersonating somebody. I love stuff like that.

Fan Voice: What if you could do a voice on The Simpsons or Family Guy?

Brooke Hogan: That’d be fun too. I’d love that.

Fan Voice: They might have you come on and be yourself.

Brooke Hogan: Yeah, they might do that.

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A typical party in China, IL

Fan Voice: Was this year on TNA Impact the first time you’d appeared in wrestling with your dad?

Brooke Hogan: It was actually. Actually, no, I’ve done a couple little cameos when he was with Vince [McMahon]. We did a little skit with Randy Orton one time but this was the first time I had a consistent role in the wrestling world. It was something that I really never thought of. Dixie Carter had asked me to come in and help her manage the female division, the knockouts. I was kind of just working on my music and laying low right then and there, so I said, “Yeah, I could do something to stir the pot a little bit or to shake things up and keep me busy.” So I ended up doing that and I like to say it was great training for me because I’ve been doing media stuff and interviews and public speaking in that manner, but I really never had a role like I did on TNA ever in my career. It’s very hard to have to remember what to say and to remember a certain line about the matches that you have to make and also keep in mind a storyline you’re trying to follow while people are throwing popcorn at you and screaming vulgar words which is kind of distracting. So working with a live crowd and public speaking is a whole different animal.

Fan Voice: I’m really glad you mention the public speaking because I think professional wrestlers are so underrated for their public speaking abilities. That’s at least half the job, to be able to rile up the crowd and think on your feet.

Brooke Hogan: Exactly and there’s a certain ebb and flow that you have to ride with an audience like that too that I’ve never really worked with before. I was always doing the teen pop stuff. If your song was on the radio, it was like you got that easy pop. People hear songs they like and they have a positive reaction, unless you’re lip syncing or you sing terribly. [Laughs] This was a whole different animal. They’re very hard to please and you definitely have to give them what they want and exude confidence. That was the hardest part for me when I first started. I think the first couple episodes I was on, I was shaking like a leaf. Wrestling fans are pretty rowdy.

Fan Voice: Do you have a new respect for what your dad’s been doing his whole life?

Brooke Hogan: Oh, absolutely and I got another dose of respect for what he was doing because I actually trained with one of them one day. I was thinking oh, it’d be cool if I could just be a jack of all trades and learn how to take a couple bumps and learn how to wrestle. I’m telling you, I got a concussion the first day I was in wrestling school and I never went back. Definitely not a bumps and bruises kind of girl. I love working out and I love being athletic but wrestling is basically being a glutton for punishment.

Fan Voice: Are you going to come back on TNA?

Brooke Hogan: I am not really sure. I’m trying to move on to new and different things. It depends on if there’s still a relationship there, but I’m always going to be grateful for Dixie Carter letting me sow my wild oats with that.

Fan Voice: Growing up was there ever a talk of having you appear in WWF?

Brooke Hogan: Always. Vince was actually asking my dad all the time when me and my brother were going to get into wrestling. Nick ended up being into cars and music and ended up being a car geek and a music freak and I ended up loving performing and being more in the performing arts, so it wasn’t really something that Nick and I ever considered and then I had no idea I would be the one stepping into that business. Yeah, Vince always was nerfing around but I’m sure my dad would love to see one of us succeed in the wrestling business, but I think we need to have a little bit more experience under our belt. In order to make it in that business, that really has to be your 100% passion. You have to live it every single day, 24 hours a day.

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Brooke front and center on Hogan Knows Best

Fan Voice: What was it like growing up during the height of Hulkamania?

Brooke Hogan: What’s so funny, our dad really made sure that we had a normal life. He would drive us to school in the morning. We had to sit down at the homework table and do our homework. He’d make eggs in the morning when he was home and if he wasn’t home, it was my mom packing the lunches and stuff. He always came off like a very normal dad to us, but I guess it was when he stepped out the door that it was really a whole different world for him, and he really didn’t expose us to that much until there was a Wrestlemania or some big event that our mom had prepared us for and told us about etiquette as we now like to call it. We were kind of home and knew what to expect with that, but it’s like anybody else’s job. That was our dad’s job so we didn’t know any different.

Fan Voice: We saw that on the TV show too. Are you finished with the reality TV side of your career?

Brooke Hogan: If there was another opportunity I would definitely consider it. I have been propositioned to do a dating show and a few different other things that didn’t exactly fit my career goals at the time.

Fan Voice: A show where you would date?

Brooke Hogan: Yeah [Laughs]. It was right in that height of the Rock of Love era and the Flavor of Love thing. I just wasn’t ready for that, and now I’m engaged so [television]’s definitely not something I would rule out but it just has to be the right thing.

Fan Voice: So what’s next, more acting or more music?

Brooke Hogan: More acting. I have a couple movies I’m getting ready to do and I’m finishing up an album. I’m about three or four songs away from finishing my album. Just kind of starting to ramp back up. With all of our family craziness I had to take a break for a little while and kind of lay low just to let things mull over but I’m ready to get back into action so I’m starting.

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Adult Swim’s China, IL

Fan Voice: Was China, IL part of coming back to the business?

Brooke Hogan: You know what, it is. I’ve always wanted to just be part of classy organizations and projects and stuff like that. I do consider Dave Newberg and Titmouse and Adult Swim is a very, very classy network and a great thing to be affiliated with. I’m proud to be affiliated with Adult Swim and China, IL. I think it just is the way that I wanted to be portrayed in my career, as like I said, a jack of all trades. I love doing anything that’s creative, anything with vocal talent so I’m loving it. This is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Fan Voice: What TV do you like to watch?

Brooke Hogan: I really don’t watch that much TV. I go to the little On Demand thing on my TV. If I do watch a TV show it’s Eastbound & Down but I’m a romantic comedy movie freak. I love anything Jennifer Lopez. I’m a big J-Lo fan. I love anything Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler. I guess a lot of them would be like Wedding Singer, Just Go With It. We just watched Grown Ups 2. That was so funny. That was more comedy, it wasn’t so romantic. Oh God, and we just saw Bad Grandpa. We literally, pardon my French, nearly p*ssed ourselves. It was fantastic.

Fan Voice: Did you ever consider going brunette or would that be out of the question?

Brooke Hogan: I just put some lowlights in my hair. Does that count? You know what, I would probably wear a wig because with the years I’ve been in this business with all the styling products and hairdressers, my poor hair is just fried off. If I dyed it brown and ever wanted to go back blonde, I’d be a poster child for burned off hair. So it would definitely not be something I would do for real but thank God the magic of Hollywood, they’ve got all kinds of great wigs and stuff like that.

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