Can’t Do Wonder Woman? Ha! We Chat with Rileah Vanderbilt About Her Short Film

pdf Cant Do Wonder Woman? Ha! We Chat with Rileah Vanderbilt About Her Short Film

So, you can’t make a Wonder Woman film, can you? Pshaw! Most of us here in Interwebland know that you absolutely can. Sure there are issues that studios have with getting arguably the greatest female superhero of all time on the big screen, but most of them are just fear-related. Rainfall Films has just made a short starring the wonderful Rileah Vanderbilt from the Hatchet series and it’s wonderful.

Screen Shot 2013 09 30 at 12.47.47 PM Cant Do Wonder Woman? Ha! We Chat with Rileah Vanderbilt About Her Short Film

Wonder Woman

I got a chance to chat with Rileah about the short. Here’s what she had to say about the project: “I first was interested in doing this project because the director, Sam Balcomb really wanted to do it right and show that there was room in Hollywood for a Wonder Woman movie or television show. Up until now, we have seen a few half-cocked attempts but nothing truly amazing depicting this iconic character. Because of this, studio execs have been weary to attempt to bring this superhero to the big screen stating that it’s ‘tricky’ and they don’t believe that there’s a strong enough fan base. Sam and his company Rainfall Films, set out to prove them wrong.

“Being a full blown geek, I loved that he was just as passionate about the character as I was and really wanted to do this the justice that it deserved. He was so detailed oriented and involved with every aspect of this including the costume, which has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response thanks to our incredible costume designer Heather Greene. The reason I’m such a huge Wonder Woman fan, is that I feel like Diana is such a perfect balance of strength, beauty, and venerability‚Ķthat’s what really makes this character work and is sadly why I feel like it’s been so hard to accurately represent her so far in mainstream media.

“I am so happy and proud of this project! It was a dream come true and I’m so excited that people are really responding to our interpretation! Makes me feel like we’re on to something here.” Rileah, you definitely are. Studios, are you listening? Check out the short below and leave your comments. Make sure to read Rileah’s Wonder Woman Blog as well.

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