Day One: Fanhattan Voice!

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“Big things have small beginnings.”
–Lawrence of Arabia … and Prometheus

Sometimes you know exactly what to watch, other times you’re not so sure. That’s when we here at Fanhattan Voice come into play. We are a collection of voices from across the entertainment spectrum here to inform and entertain you, inspire and challenge you, and help unearth incredible films and shows to Watch Now or simply WatchList for later on

Screen Shot 2013 02 20 at 10.03.27 PM e1361427363840 Day One: Fanhattan Voice!

Every day of the week you will find a blend of news, interviews, tv show recaps, features, opinions, commentary and video all driving our treasured belief that there is a movie or show for any mood, any screen, anytime.

+ Feeling like some sci-fi but not a fan? We’ll show you the gateway drugs right to the good stuff.

+ Want to find out what happened on this week’s Continuum?

+ Want to see our chat with The Following‘s breakout star Valorie Curry?

+ Want to read an exclusive interview with Zach Braff on this spring’s epic Oz The Great and Powerful?

+ Want to explore 6 Oscar winning actresses and their lasting impact?

+ Want to relive the blockbuster summer of 1999?

+ What about WatchLists we got directly from Oliver Stone, Kevin Bacon, and Krysten Ritter, among many others?

In the coming weeks, we are so excited to grow and bring you a variety of different voices with different takes on this fascinating world of entertainment.

We hope that while you’re here you make some new friends, create some awesome lists, and comment freely on articles we craft for you each day. Let us know how we are doing on Twitter (@fanhattan) or Facebook.

PS: Recognize that gorgeous backdrop on our homepage? It’s from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just watched it recently. You should too. Amazing, amazing film.

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