Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Rumors and Spoilers

pdf Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Rumors and Spoilers

Some of these are confirmed and some are still rumors, but has some juicy details about the Doctor Who Season 7 finale, which just finished shooting last weekend. If you want to be surprised, please note that ahead be “spoilers, sweetie!” First off, Saul Metzstein tweeted that he is indeed the director of the finale. He also directed a number of episodes, including “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” “A Town Called Mercy” and the upcoming Christmas special.

Doctor Who Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Rumors and Spoilers

Doctor Who

There have been reports that Alex Kingston who plays the Doctor’s (Matt Smith) wife River Song has been seen shooting in Cardiff. It was confirmed back in October that she’ll be back. Not really a surprise. Matt Doman tweeted (and it’s since been deleted) “Shooting the last ep of Dr WHO and my GOD it looks good!! New fantastic monsters and a VERY eerie and fascinating storyline.”

The site clearly states that the following is still a rumor, but if it’s true, oh my gosh, how cool! Apparently the scuttlebutt is that the finale will lead directly into the 50th anniversary. An actor doubling as Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor) was seen wearing his fur coat. So, Whovians, care to speculate on any of this?

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