Tis the Season to Watch Showtime’s House of Lies Free

pdf Tis the Season to Watch Showtime’s House of Lies Free

When you cozy up to Fanhattan this week, keep an eye out for a new Showtime original show we’re featuring: House of Lies. Starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, the show centers around the principals at Galweather and Stearn, a fictional high-powered management consultant firm basically tasked with keeping the 1% in the 1%. Cheadle is running the firm as Marty Kaan, a man who is the picture of control and confidence during working hours but barely holding it together off the field with a chaotic family life.

House of Lies is the latest in a string of awesome programming coming from our friends at Showtime. Dexter, Californication, Nurse Jackie, and Homeland are some of the most daring and rewarding original series on television. House of Lies joins that group of shows tailor made for fans of risqué, hard-hitting, exciting drama and really push the envelope with fantastic writing, award-winning acting, and unique up to the moment storylines.

Take a peek:

We’re loving the feel of this one. Academy Award Nominee Cheadle (Crash, Hotel Rwanda, Iron Man 2) looks to be at the top of his game, giving his character the right mix of vulnerability and rouge charm. Kristen Bell (probably best known for Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is someone we’ve been waiting to see more of too. Judging from the trailer and some of the video we’ve seen on Showtime’s site, this one is going to be hilarious and move very fast.

So how can we here at Fanhattan help you watch the first episode for free? All you have to do is ask. Starting today, you’ll see a special House of Lies section. Once there you can check out additional cast members, watch more video, and find out how to watch the first episode of the show free of charge. Normally this show would only be available to Showtime subscribers, but there’s such hype and excitement around the show, they’re unwrapping this baby early.